Day at the Capitol

Each year, MNSCA hosts a Day on the Hill. This is an opportunity for our members to come visit the Capitol and meet with legislators to discuss issues of importance to our facilities as well as the association. Meetings are scheduled with both local legislators and health care leaders. 


Rep. Bierman

Representative Robert Bierman Speaks with MNASCA Members on his legislation to establish Attorney General and Department of Health review for healthcare transactions


Sen. Johnson

Senate Minority Leader Mark Johnson Speaks with MNASCA Members on the legislative session and MNASCA legislative priorities


Rep. Wolgamott

Representative Dan Wolgamott Speaks to MNASCA Members about the Allied health technician scholarship program bill that he authored.


Rep. Daudt

Representative Kurt Daudt Speaks to MNASCA Members about the legislative session


Sens. Utke and Abeler

Senators Paul Utke and Jim Abeler Speak with MNASCA Members about healthcare priorities



For the 2021-2022 Legislative Session, a virtual Day on the Hill was held. This meeting was held on May 3rd, 2022 from 9:00 to 10:10 AM. 

Agenda and Notes of the 2022 MNASCA Day on the Hill:

9:00 – 9:30 AM: General Overview of the 2022 Legislative Session and Healthcare Issues

  • We hope that this will be our last virtual Day on the Hill.
  • May 23rd is the constitutional adjournment.
  • Surplus, members would like to meet deadline and take things home.
  • Reinsurance bill has been passed.
  • Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund agreement.
  • Frontline workers, $500 million. ~$750 to approximately 600,000 Minnesotans.

 Presentation by Chad Fahning, Manager of State Legislative Affairs, Minnesota Medical Association 

  • This is a bonding year. Huge budget surplus.
  • Redistricting year. Legislative retirements.
  • MMA is looking at the Health and Human Services Omnibus Bills
    • Mid-year formulary changes
    • Intractable Pain
    • Communication and Optimal Resolution (CANDOR)
    • All Payer Claims Database
    • Provider Order for Life-sustaining Treatment
    • Mental Health expansion
      • Healthcare Workforce Shortages
      • Rural Residency Programs
    • Scope of Practice
    • Reinsurance
    • Unemployment insurance
    • Frontline Worker Pay
    • Bonding bill
    • Supplemental budget proposals
  • 2022 Election
    • All 201 legislators are up for re-election
    • Gubernatorial election

 9:30 – 10:10 AM: Legislators’ Thoughts and Priorities for Healthcare

 9:30 – 9:45 AM: Representative Tony Albright

  • Lead Republican on the Health and Human Services Finance and Policy Committee.
  • Healthcare Omnibus bill provides money and funding for those who are in the most vulnerable groups.
  • Emphasizing workforce shortages.
  • Removing barriers and moratoriums.
  • Workforce challenges, rate increase for PCAs. Grants and forgiveness for those working in rural medicine and in nursing homes.
  • COVID has prompted individuals to leave workforce. Experienced staff have left.
  • Lacking 8,000 individuals in the healthcare system.

 9:45 – 10:10 AM: Senator Jim Abeler

  • Chair of the Health and Human Services Finance and Policy Committee.
  • Chiropractor
  • Collapse of the long-term care industry is “critically urgent”. Frontline worker pay became “critically urgent”
  • We have to come to an agreement and continue to talk through targets and negotiations in conference committee.
  • Diagnostic mammogram services.
  • Anti-white bagging legislation.
  • Nurse compacting.
  • We want to hear from you on your thoughts. We encourage fundraising, invite legislators to facilities.

10:10 AM: Closing remarks and adjournment.

  • Please reach out if you would like to meet with legislators, or if you would like to schedule a tour with a legislator.




Rep. Liz Olson speaks with MNASCA members
Sen. Matt Klein and Rep. Alice Mann, two of four physicians in the Minnesota Legislature.