HST Pathways, a Bain Capital company,  is the leading provider of a         suite of products under the“HST One” membership offering,                     including practice management software, physician office                         scheduling, care coordination, revenue cycle optimization, enterprise       supply chain management, case costing, patient engagement and           communication, an electronic health record system, and data                   analytics.

     Client Testimonial:

     “Having real-time information on schedules ad provider availability          at our fingertips streamlined our surgeons’ workflows and allowed          us to quickly book new procedures and significantly reduce the                administrative time that was once wasted on trying to coordinate            schedules over the phone or on paper.”

          - Surgeon & ASC Owner
HST One, an end-to-end solution. So many great benefits:
    - Book more cases
- Get paid faster
                                                                                             - Provide better patient experiences
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