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2021 Annual Conference Materials:

Objective Statements for CE Credits

AEU/IPCH Credit Content Breakdown 

Verbal De-escalation, Implicit Bias, and Threat Assessment

     Cassey Hoeschen, Methodist Park Nicollet

Ransomware Attacks: Will Your Center be the Next Victim?

     Gary Salman, Black Talon Security (full slideshow is not available)

ASC and Hospital Drug Diversion

     Dennis Wichern, DEA Agent (retired)

Exploring Work/Life Blending in a COVID World with the 7Fs

     7Fs Worksheet

     Krista Porvaznik, Sr. Executive Coach, Good Leadership Enterprises

Using Survey Data to Make Compensation Decisions

     Ann Bares, Partner, Altura

Panel: Effective Communication across Surgical Center Teams - Your Role in Preventing Malpractice Claims

     Sarah Hoffman, Attorney and Shareholder, Bassford Remele

     Susan Sgambati, Medical Director, COPIC

Infection Prevention for ASC Construction 

     Lori Groven, MSPHN, RN, CIC Senior Infection Preventionist, TRIA Orthopedics

ASCA Update: 2021-2022 Overview of New Medicare Changes, Legislation, and the ASC Marketplace

     Bill Prentice, CEO, ASCA

Panel: Infection Prevention and Control for ASCs and Regulatory Implications (2 slideshows)

     Maria King, Regional Executive Operations Manager, MDH

     Denice Tracy, Nurse Specialist, Infection Control Assessment and Response Program, MDH

Sterilization Quality Control for the ASC

     Kayla Ostrander, Application Engineer, 3M

Legal, Legislative, and Regulatory Update for Minnesota ASCs (3 slideshows)

     Michael Glover, Shareholder, DeWitt Law

     Dave Renner, Director of Advocacy, MN Medical Association

     Tom Poul, Legislative Attorney, Messerli Kramer PA


2020 Annual Conference Materials:

Thursday 10/22:

Objective Statements for CE Credits

AEU/IPCH Credit Content Breakdown

Commissioner Malcolm's Opening COVID Presentation

Is Your MN ASC Ready for a DEA Inspection?

AORN's Surgical Attire Guideline Update

Creating a Leadership Culture

Changes in Minnesota Pharmaceutical Waste Management

Friday 10/23:

AAAHC Accreditation Preparation Update

MDH COVID-19 Panel Presentation

Fostering Resiliency: How to Pivot During the Pandemic

ASC Quality Collaboration

Managing COVID-19: Past, Present, and Future Implications for ASC Infection Prevention


2018 Annual Conference 

Presentation/Materials Packet

Objective Statements


2016 Annual Education Conference

2015 Annual Education Conference